Hi. Thanks for visiting!  As you can tell I am just getting started here.  I have two goals for this site.

First, I want it to be a place where people can find resources to help with interfaith dialog. This would include information / resources:

  • about doing interfaith dialog (guidelines, suggested topics or activities, reasons to dialog, philosophy of dialog, stories about dialog, organizations doing / supporting interfaith dialog), and
  • about different faiths (beliefs, practices, holy books, stories of believers, etc.) – that would help someone outside that faith understand and appreciate it.

Second, I want this to be a place where respectful, friendly interfaith dialog actually happens. This means it involves YOU.  I encourage you to be involved in two ways.

  • You can write comments on any blog post or page.
  • You can also contribute posts – which could be:
    – your thoughts or ideas on an interfaith topic;
    – an article or paper you wrote about faith or dialog;
    – a link to another resource you have found – with your review or comments; or
    – a question or topic you would like to see discussed by people of faith.

Anyone can comment, but you need to be an “author” to add a post – send me your WordPress username if you are interested and I will add you.  Also, please read and follow the guidelines for interfaith dialog.

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With God on Our Side (DVD)

With God on Our Side (produced by Porter Speakman, Jr. in 2010) presents an argument against Christian Zionism through a “journey of discovery” of a young man who has grown up in a family that holds Christian Zionist views.  People on both sides are interviewed, including John Hagee and George Morrison (both of Christians United for Israel), Malcolm Hedding (the International Christian Embassy), as well as Gary Burge (Wheaton College), Stephen Sizer (vicar of Christ Church, Virginia Water, England), Al Janssen (Open Doors), Salim Munayer (Musalaha Reconciliation Ministries, Bethlehem Bible College), and others.  There is a review of the history and the current situation.  It is a fair, good, but not overbearing presentation of the argument.  The movie website has some good resources including a study guide for use with the video, links to organizations ministering and working for peace in the area, some basic information / summaries about key aspect of the issue.

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